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Acceleration as a Service


We can help you make high impact innovation event to happen. We can help with facilitation of internal  ideations sessions all the way to global co-founder matchmaker innovation events to help create new projects, tech scout for new innovations or event create startup in your areas of strategic interest.


We can help founders succeed in their fundraising and BD goals. With our acceleration services we develop seed stage founders and give them the tools to re-risk their businesses. For fund managers we can also provide insights to which teams are on track to succeed for follow up funding. 


We can help with the design project management and implement of new research infrastructure, such as labs, for new or existing Incubators. We can also support with ecosystem strategies to help with the promotion and development of high tech high growth regions. 

We support Incubators, VC’s and foundations with their strategic innovation goals, by helping design and operate accelerators, develop lab infrastructure and promote deep tech with relevant international stakeholders.

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