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Startup Incubation

The BioInnovation Institute Foundation (BII) is an international commercial foundation with a non-profit objective supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

BII operates an incubator to accelerate world-class life science innovation that drives the development of new solutions by early-stage life science start-ups for the benefit of people and society. Since 2020, NBV has been involved with helping the BII create and facilitate their Venture Lab incubator program. The 12-month program focuses on early-stage startups within bioindustrials, health tech and therapeutics and provides them with a seed-funding of €500 000. NBV's involvement has been to create the relevant materials and workshops to teach the principles of bioentrepreneurship. The program covers everything from defining your customers and distinguishing yourself from competitors to navigating the regulatory landscape and raising funds. Each month the startup companies are presented with a unique theme and challenge in order to iteratively improve their business cases based on design thinking principles.  Learn more about the startups here.

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Photograph is used with the permission by the BII

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