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Over the last centuries, humans have become the single biggest driver of planetary change affecting our own life-support system. In our quest for growth, we are wiping out biological diversity and emitting dangerous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In order to not further endanger the foundation of our own lives, we need to learn to thrive in balance within the means of the planet.


We believe Europe could and should be at the heart of this biology-based transformation of the economy to create a Sustainable Biofuture. We believe that innovations based on biology and the engineering of biology will be key in securing our planet’s future, improving our quality of life and providing significant economic development opportunities for future generations.

Biosolutions examples:

Industrial applications: For example, converting biomass into biofuels and bioplastics, producing biocatalysts and degradable materials from renewable sources. The solutions involve replacing petrochemical materials with biological materials.

Food and ingredients: For example, producing cheese and beer or ingredients for functional foods using precision and conventional fermentation as well as microbial cultures. The solutions are, among other things, about increasing product quality, producing alternative proteins and increasing the health benefits of food.

Environmental: For example, cleaning contaminated soil, groundwater, air or water with microorganisms and plants as well as using biological processes to recycle resources. The focus is to promote sustainable environmental practices and reduce the environmental impact.

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